All prices are given in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Shipping Methods

Please send us an email if there is no shipping method available for your destination.

Shipping and Handling

Before our products are shipped each item is carefully inspected to make sure it is problem-free and packaged so that it arrives in perfect condition. Damage occurring en route is highly unlikely however should this occur please contact us by email (please attach photos of damaged package and item) to report the fault within 2 days of receiving the item/s.

Return Policy

Dear customer, please find below our return policy.
This policy is accessible from the lower section of any page of our website.


  • CONTACT US exclusively by email within 48H after delivery given by tracking number.
    For faster treatment please give your name, order number, the reason for returning and attach a photo of the brace/package and your pet measurements.
  • REQUEST A RGA (Return Good Authorization) number.
    We will send you an RGA by email for you to write on your parcel being sent back to us. The RGA will allow us to process your return when received. Parcels returned without a valid RGA will not be processed and will not be credited.


Given the nature of the products sold in our store, we can only offer a limited return possibility.

The reasons are:
– Dogs sense of smell:
Due to their extremely sensitive sense of smell (between 10,000 and 100,000 times as acute as humans), dogs may feel uncomfortable wearing a brace that already has another dog’s smell on it.

– Hygiene:
We want to avoid possible skin diseases cross-contamination from a dog to another.


No refund is possible if:

  • The brace is damaged, not cleanable, have any smell or hair, or has been washed
  • You have shortened a strap
  • The brace is not returned with all attachments, belts, documents, and packaging
  • Has been used
  • The brace as any smell, biting marks, rubbing marks on the fabric or any other type of damage


OPTION 1 – The parcel has NOT been opened

  • You have EMAILED us before or within 24h OF DELIVERY
  • The parcel is unopened (please send us a photo of the unopened parcel)


You will receive a 100% of the price of the brace minus:

  • Shipping cost is not refundable
  • $15 fee (administration fee)

OPTION 2 – The parcel has been opened

  • You CONTACTED US BY EMAIL WITHIN 48H after delivery given by tracking number.
  • The brace is “as new” and has not been used more than once for a few minutes with a protection /sock on the dog.


You will receive 80% of the price of the brace for inspection and cleaning minus:

  • Shipping cost is not refundable
  • $15 fee (administration fee)

OPTION 3 – YOU CONTACT US MORE than 48H after delivery given by tracking number.

We are very sorry but unfortunately, WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS after that time period.

If you believe the product you have received has a problem please get in touch with us by email. Please clearly explain the problem and attach photos. After we have reviewed the photos and agreed that your product could be eligible for a return you will be given an RGA number for us to physically inspect the product. Please note that if the product is found not to have a problem as described, you will be required to pay the postage costs to send the brace back to you (if applicable) and inspection costs ($20).

Your dog biting/chewing the brace

Please understand that we do not warranty our braces against misuse or your dog biting/chewing it.
Do not leave your dog alone with the brace as he may try to bite/chew it or could injury itself.

Content of this website

We reserve the right to make any change on any content of this website (products, specifications, prices…) at any time without any notice.